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SmokinStud Frequently Asked Questions



1.) What is is an online marketplace where anyone who owns a horse or horse trailer can post a classified ad for free.
We do not conduct sales here on the site. Rather, a potential buyer will contact the seller via email and conduct business that way.
When the status of the sale is changed, we are notified and will revise the ad with no maintainence fees.

2.) Is free?

Yes. is absolutely free. There are no minimum processing fees, or per picture fees. Everything here is 100% free guaranteed, forever.

3.) How many ads can I post?

You are allowed to post as many ads as you can, provided that you own the horse or trailer in question. Users can add 1, 5, 10, 15 ads or as many as possible.
However, ads are looked over periodically for authenticity. Any fraudulent ads will be removed and the seller will be banned from the site. No exceptions. We want to keep a completely free and legal site her at

4.) Are pictures required for ad submission?

No. Pictures are not required for ad submission, but it will be harder to see what you are trying to sell.
We encourage at least one picture so the buyers can see exactly what it is you are selling. Try to keep that in mind when you are selling your horse or ad.

5.)How long are my ads displayed?

All ads on will be indefinitely available even after they are sold or until the seller takes them down. Smokinstud and the sell

6.) Why are my pictures not showing up?

Due to certain server restrictions and configuration, we ask that pictures be now bigger than 800 x 600 pixels and in jpg format.
If you need to reupload your pictures again you may do so by logging into the User Management System.

7.) How can I contact you?

All questions are submitted on the Contact Us page. Fill out the form and we will answer back to you as soon as possible.

8.) I messed up something on my ad and I would like to know how I can change it?

All maintenance to your ads can be done by clicking the Manage Ads Button on the navigation bar. Simply log in with your email address and you will be presented with your own personalized section of smokinstud. You can delete, edit and even create new ads. A word of warning, while there are no passwords, users will abide by the netiquette rules. Meaning that any unauthorized ad maintenance will result in a permanent ban from All logins are recorded for your protection and anyone caught editing someone else's ad will be delt with forthwith.