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Maverick's Details
Ad #: 11290
Status: For Sale
Horse Name: Maverick
Price: $400 USD
City: Pinon Hills
State: CA
Breed: Miniature
Sex: Stallion
Height: Hands High
Color: Pinto
Foal Date: 2003
Termperament: 1 *
*1 = calm, 10 = wild spirit

Miniature B/W Pinto at Stud
Not for sale at STUD ONLY. We are proud to be standing this wonderful 33" stallion. He has lots of color and is a perfect gentelman. Live foal guarantee. Offering free mare care! Full pedigree upon request. My web site is
Contact the Seller

Maverick's Location
3281 Silver Ridge Dr., Pinon Hills, CA 92372

Pedigree Chart

Sunkist Bright Raga
Lapetites Calypso

What people said about Maverick
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